Social Impact Report 2018

Customer Stories

Sukhbir Singh, Panipat

Sukhbir Singh approached Aye Finance with the hope of finding a solution to his debt crisis. In over 2 years that he has been with Aye Finance, he has come out stronger than ever, his worries are behind him, his business is growing and his employees are content. Now as he graduates to second cycle loan with Aye Finance, we are glad to be able to support such a pleasant natured man.

Located in Panipat, Haryana, his manufacturing business ‘Gautam Handloom’ is now 15+ workers strong. He is completely involved in the work, as he has been since the ground up. It is truly an inspiration to see Mr Sukhbir reap the rewards of his labor.

When one enters his factory, they are immediately surrounded by a plethora of colors and patterns, stretching from floor to ceiling. These are of-course the Gupta Handloom rugs, carpets and bedspreads stacked all over.

Mr Sukhbir is a testament to the fact that 40% of our national industrial output comes from these very industries. Keep prospering and keep “Make(ing) In India”!

C. Chowdaiah, Yelahanka

Mr Chowdaiah owns a silk-weaving manufacturing factory. With our rapid growth in South India, Aye has managed to help many wonderful customers such as him expand their business. And, while his business is new and fragile, a tough spirit and great entrepreneurial tactics have helped keep Mr Chowdaiah afloat.

But now thanks to Aye Finance, Mr Chowdaiah has disposable income for capital investment, debt repayments and to pay his 5 skilled workers. A loan of Rs 1.5 lacs has installed in him, a sense of security and purpose. It is always encouraging to know someone has the faith to invest in you, and for hard working customers such as Mr Chowdaiah, we are glad to provide him with our capital and our support!

Welcome to the Aye experience, Mr Chowdaiah!

Mahendra Kumar, Meerut
Mahendra Kumar is the proud owner of a Sports Goods manufacturing business in Saray Kaji, Meerut. Employing over 15 skilled workers, his most profitable item of production is the red leather cricket ball every Indian cricket-lover desires.

A true example of a professional, Mahendra repaid his first loan with us a couple of months before the tenure, and quickly graduated to a Rs 7 lac loan in his second cycle with Aye Finance. He is confident and hard-working, spending most hours of the day in his shop, supervising and helping out with the work.

Mahendra’s workers have nothing but praise for him, speaking of how accommodating and understanding their ‘boss’ is. Here at Aye Finance, it fills us with great joy to see such socially active members of community using their well-earned profits to further help other members of their society. The impact Mahendra is creating on those around him, is just one of the many ways we try and focus on the aspect of social good and mentoring.

Good job Mahendra!